Art / Misc.

Above: Pens in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, Papua New Guinea public art, and Gustav Eiffel (rendering and physical working model).




Photography 2011 – now
Photography 1995 – 2010




Sticker to de-brand laptop




Golden Ratio sand garden: Every part of this sand garden is strictly proportioned on multiples of the Golden Ratio, from the locations and sizes of the rocks to the frame and the frame border’s height, width, and depth. It uses every iteration from 1 to φ-9. The subtle rainbow effect is due to the use of glass micro-beads for sand.




Random drawings




Political billboard against 2001 Iraq war.  Featured in Adbusters and a US Department of Defense briefing.




Burning Man camp t-shirts and stencil, with logo variations based on an original by Karen Lewis, customizing for themes of different years: 2004 “The Vault of Heaven”, 2007 “The Green Man”, 2006 “Hope and Fear”, 2016 “Da Vinci’s Workshop”.  Click to zoom & read mottos. 




electroluminescent maskElectroluminescent mask, inspired by Papua New Guinean masks




This glove shoots fire out the fingertips,  because you can’t be serious all the time.  Tunable from candle-sized flame to jets 2.5 feet tall, controlled by ball valve with propane tank on waist.  Ignited by piezoelectric starter embedded in the thumb.