This is a high-riding recumbent bicycle, for safety in city traffic. In an effort to have people bicycle instead of drive, this bicycle was designed to be as comfortable, fast, and safe as possible.

• TIG-welded aluminum optimizes weight.
• Front and rear suspension (frame pivots)
• Recumbent rider position improves comfort, ergonomics, and aerodynamics
• High rider position, over 6″ higher than any recumbent on the market
(Provides traffic safety by elevating the user’s body above car-hood level.)
• Internally-geared rear hub reduces maintenance and improves weather-resistance.

Thanks to Risse Racing and Burley Design Cooperative for their generous donations and discounts on components!

Process images:

Calculating steering performance

Laying out & sizing frame

Welding front triangle

The entire frame before powder coating & assembly

Final rear wheel and chain stays

Final front wheel, steering tube, hinge joint, and cranks