Photo Albums 2011 – Present

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Virtual Netherlands Visit 2020

Dutch Windmills


Pink Blizzard

Dutch tulips 2019–good pix

Dutch Flowers 2020–ok pix

COVID Social Distancing in the Netherlands

Valencia & Andalusia 2020

Antwerp & Ghent

Heerema Thialf

Greenwich (and a little London)



Copenhagen 2019

Berlin Botanical Garden

Delft: My Mini-Versailles

Netherlands – 1st Month

Netherlands visit 2019
Leaving Dartmouth

Vermont & New Hampshire

Yosemite 2019


Dartmouth’s rare book library
Hanover Winters


Bonn, Cologne, Istanbul 2018


Dartmouth 2017

Vancouver 2017

Cross Country 2017 Part 2 – MN to NH

Cross Country 2017 Part 1 – CA to IA

Mesa Verde

Antelope Canyon 2017

Dissertation Bound

Stockholm (ok pix)

Stockholm (best pix)

Epsom & London 2016

Circus World Museum & other Wisconsin 2016

Detroit (ok pix)

Detroit (best pix)

(All the Scotland / England 2015)

Scotland & England 2015 (ok pix)

Scotland & England 2015 (best pix)

Nick Wheeler Book

Vancouver 2015

Cappadocia & Ephesus (ok pix)

Cappadocia & Ephesus (best pix)

Istanbul (ok pix)

Istanbul (best pix)

Kerala and Bangalore (ok pix)

Kerala and Bangalore (best pix)

Japan (ok pix)

Japan (best pix)

Burning Man 2014

Frankfurt and Heyda Talsperre


Handful of Hungary 2014

Cinque Terre, Genoa, and Milan (ok pix)

Cinque Terra, Genoa, and Milan (best pix)

Aosta, Verres, Mont Blanc (Italy 2014 ok pix)

Aosta, Verres, Mont Blanc (Italy 2014 best pix)

Alaska Cruise (ok pix)

Alaska Cruise (best pix)

San Francisco bay area (best pix 2014)
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Hoover Dam & Its Star Map

Big Sur & Hearst Castle
Burning Man 2013
Budapest re-visit 2013
London 2013

Crater Lake

LIGO and Montana 2012

Mt. Rainier

Yellowstone 2012


Wisconsin Summer 2011





Hungary 2011 Leftovers

Budapest vs. Pere Lachaise Cemeteries

Hungary 5th batch

Hungary – Lake Balaton

Hungary – Easter in Hollókő

Hungary – 4th batch

Hungary – 2nd Batch

Hungary – Caving

Hungary – 1st batch

House On The Rock

San Francisco Graffitti & Murals