Europe Against US War, 2004

The following are just a small sampling of the graffitti, posters, headlines, etc. I ran across.
In eight different countries, the sentiment is the same.



"no war", at Las Fallas in Valencia


a whole room in a Berlin artist squat was dedicated to anti-American-war agitprop


Even mainstream sources call America imperialist


Bush & Blair poster for a demonstration in Hamburg


also in Hamburg


a Falla in Valencia poking fun at the motivations for the war; I couldn't read the caption, though.


"Bush, Blair, & Ansar [Spanish president at the time] are the new terrorists of the 21st century"


in London


get-out-the-vote in Amsterdam. if you can't read the small print, it says:
"30,000 Americans live in the Netherlands. 537 votes put George W. Bush in the White House."


in Lisbon. best I can figure, it says something like "Americans in Portugal are beneath the cobblestones". I don't really get it.


Another Falla poking fun at the cowboy war: one of the captions on the oil rig says "no WMD here, just oil!"