Photos from travels in the US, Y2K (mostly Pacific Northwest)


Walkway in Portland's Japanese Gardens




Also from the Japanese Gardens




Portland's Rose Gardens




The Rose Gardens again




Multnomah falls, blowing like wisps of long hair in the wind




Bottom of the falls




Rainbow at another of the waterfalls that dot the Columbia Gorge




The Columbia Gorge (and wind-swept trees) from Beacon Rock




In the shadow of Beacon Rock




'Nuff said.




Seattle's Space Needle and nearby sculpture (some stray tree branches Photoshopped out)




Hiking in the Olympics with Lisa & Eric




Gravity doesn't go straight down in the Olympics.




Flowers in Vancouver BC




Vancouver's postmodern-coliseum library, the coolest library building I've ever seen




Slums of Vancouver, still somehow tidy and pretty




Sculpture in U.B.C.'s Anthropology Museum




Detail of totem pole at the museum




An aptly-colored shot at the Rainbow Gathering in Montana




One of the hot springs at Mammoth in Yellowstone--note the trees
growing back amongst the trunks of those that burned in the '88 fire.




Petrified tree stumps, also at Mammoth in Yellowstone




The required Yellowstone shot-Old Faithful




Part of the Wisconsin Dells--I know it's odd to say this, but it's a lot like Petra, only smaller and green.




An impressionistic shot of the enormous carousel in House on the Rock




Another scene from the House on the Rock. Explaining it will only confuse you more. You just have to go there.