Photos from Road Trip, Wisconsin to San Francisco 2007


The 2,800 mile return route (the shorter way)



the door to a nuclear missile silo in South Dakota; now Minuteman Missile National Historic Site






the ICBM itself



part of Carhenge, outside Alliance, Nebraska



sand dripping down sandstone outside Moab, Utah



Fisher Towers, outside Moab, Utah



tree with constellation of holes, Dinosaur National Monument






petroglyphs in Dinosaur National Monument



Stegosaurian ridgeline



the Pathway Styx in a homesteader's box canyon (still Dinosaur National Monument)



Dinosaur, Colorado is a small village. Tyranosaurus & 3rd is the edge of town.



a mailbox for nowhere, off highway 50 in Utah



Lehman Caves in Great Basin National Park (this's a poor example of how pretty it was)



The Shoe Tree, off highway 50 in Nevada. Yes, those are all shoes hanging from it.



power lines going off forever by highway 50 in Nevada



and lastly, the open road