Photos from Road Trip, San Francisco to Wisconsin 2007


The 3,200+ mile route



the road into Death Valley: the first of many long desolate roads



The hundred-legged shambling mound at Death Valley's Zabriskie Point.
If you look closely you can see its mustachioed face looking at you.



sand dunes in Death Valley



speckly sunbeam in Antelope Canyon



Antelope Canyon--candle flame? Hair falling on hollow shoulder?



cubist dancer



ship's prow and bow wave



last one from there--light in the lap of the rocks
more Antelope Canyon shots



rebar in the wall of the Hoover Dam, leaching copper



Hoover Dam warning sign, whose advice I was happy to follow



Glen Canyon Dam, just like Hoover Dam, is forested with massive electrical towers



textures at Horseshoe Bend, AZ



pixie houses in Grand Staircase - Escalante



toadstool in Grand Staircase, by Paria



swooping textures in Grand Staircase



desert bonsai



scribbled tree in Zion



looking up the side of Devil's Tower / Great Bear Lodge



the usual view, with the tower partly in shadow



the moon above the tower's top



the Badlands



the only trees in all of Badlands national park, almost



what most of the Badlands looks like



corn palace mural