Photos from San Francisco and nearby, 2002-2003



Downtown SF graffitti after the US invaded Iraq




Protest drama, the day of the invasion




Closeup on one of Golden Gate Park's prehistoric-looking tree ferns




Transamerica tower shoring up the Sentinel building

(former HQ for The Kingston Trio, now American Zoetrope.)




Grace Cathedral reflected in apartment windows




City Lights seen from from Vesuvio, both former homes of the Beats




The "defenestration" building, also on 6th--a derelict building turned into art




I think it's no coincidence San Francisco has lots of statues of naked men.




An anarchist mural in the Haight. Such optimists.




SF chic--the victorian, the harley, the vespa.




Murals abound in SF, even on 6th street (the rough part of town)




Poppies in Golden Gate Park




Part of the AIDS memorial grove




Part of the building I worked in at LBNL in the misty Berkeley hills




One of the two comfy coffeshops in the Richmond district




In Big Sur, a few hours south of SF, there's a waterfall that pours
right down onto the beach. I think it's the only such place in the nation.




Stanford's Hoover Tower, seen from the main quad




I'm a sucker for arcades of arches, particularly when you can see five layers at once.




More of the main quad's arches




Gateway flourishes




Constantly, there are weddings in the quad.
You have to elbow 'em out of the way to get to class. (almost.)




light on my dorm room walls




...well, it <i>used</i> to be a center, anyway.




Lantanas and fallen blossoms at Stanford