Photos from Papua New Guinea, 2009




Haus tambaran mask in Kaminabit (Sepik river)




Garamut drum under haus tambaran grass wall, Palambe (Sepik river)




Kambriman haus tambaran (Sepik river)




Old man in the Chambri haus tambaran (Sepik river)




Clouds over the broad Sepik river




Best... treehouse... EVER. (Varirata park, by Port Moresby)




Near Mt. Gahavisuka Provincial Park




Asaro Mud Men




These berries grow like this, in mops from the tree.




Bilums are the preferred way of carrying everything.




Some towns are just big enough to have grit.




The Pagwi fuel depot




"Flying foxes" are bats a yard wide.
They own the skies, day and night, in Madang.




Sea-canoeing near Madang




Roadside market--their equivalent of 7-11




Mask I bought in Palambe








Smoking fish




Just a tiny sample of the incredible variety of life there




Boys canoeing Blackwater Lake (Sepik river region)







  more photos (less artsy, but more cultural)