Photos from the Netherlands and Germany, 2004



in Amsterdam, everyone is Superman. No one even notices anymore.



Amsterdam in a nutshell






rigging of The Amsterdam, a restored 1750's colonial ship



coot at home



coots taking over a boat--if I hadn't been watching, they'dve loosed the ropes and been off.



You haven't seen bike culture 'till you've seen the Netherlands.



a little slice of Delft--typical Dutch individuality smushed in with typical density



one of the most famous Amsterdam squats



by contrast, this is the main Berlin squat



not Mad Max, just artists in the squat above



antique mural (maybe if we picture socialism with accordions, people will start to like it!)



this's the kind of mural you see today



antique harpsichord in Berlin's musical instrument museum



the red banners aren't for communism's comeback, just an exhibition of Chinese art. So I was told.



the Potsdamerplatz UFO



flowers cover the sandbags of Checkpoint Charlie



edge of the longest remaining section of the wall



trees of a rich west-side park through a chink in the wall



lamp at the Hamburg arts & crafts museum



man, they must get some really high tides in Hamburg...