Photos from Italy


Beggar outside the Pantheon-they really have an effect on you..




Doorway of an idyllic town in the mountains of Abruzzo




Castle in the mountains of Abruzzo




Statue among the ruins of Imperial Rome




Hallway of the Coliseum, Rome




The Coliseum again




Statue of Dante Alighieri in Florence




"Incredible but True!"




Base of a streetlamp in Florence. Rowr.




Stained-glass from St. Peter's in the Vatican




The Duomo in Milan




You-know-who, from Florence. His actual tomb was unfortunately covered for restoration. : (




One of the boundless Carnival masks from Venice




A couple on the Rialto bridge in Venice (this shot Photoshopped to the teeth)




So, I like doorways. It won't be the last...




I won't tell. It's better as a mystery.




Statue of Machiavelli, in Florence-I just LOVE that look of secret mischievous amusement..




Florentine statue-Hercules?




Cemetary gate in Milan.. yes, it was this spooky in person, though not this color.




A fax machine made in China in the late 1800's; from the Milan museum of technology




Random but fabulous mural in Avezzano




The Pantheon, with a bird circling inside. I kinda faked this shot-couldn't get the Pantheon and the bird both exposed at the same time successfully, so got one of each & photoshopped 'em together. It's not cheating, just making up for insufficient camera technology, really!




You could not PAY me to ride in one of these on the streets of Rome, much less charge me!




A mere fragment taken from St. Peter's in the Vatican




A map from the Pope's impressive collection--this was something like 5 feet by 8 feet in size!




Statue of Time, Fate, and Fortune in the Vatican




Spiral stairway of the Vatican