Photos from Hungary (plus a couple from elsewhere)


Woo-Hoo! Faludi Street! 'nuff said.




Gate to Buda Castle




The other gate to Buda castle




Catacomb under a basilica in Pecs




The catacombs' doorway




Couple hangin' by the Danube




Harlequin statue in Pecs




At a folk festival in Kalocs; this guy could do amazing things with his fifteen-foot whip.




Also at the folk fest




A church in Budapest, made from a cave in a hillside on the Danube




A different church, made the usual way (but decorated to the gills)




Here the church is the small building in the foreground; the impressive building in the background is the Parliament building.




Lookout for doorknob-swallowing fish!




...or snake-swallowing door knockers.




Yes, there's a museum for Paprika. In Kalocs.




Sunflowers, one of the signature crops of the Hungarian fields




Street chess by the train station--I liked the contrast of players.




Photo from Germany--a cathedral in Munich




Photo from Austria--a ceiling in Vienna's national art museum




Photo from Switzerland-- art cow.