Photos from Honduras (and a little of Guatemala), 1995


Me with respectable short hair. (Though unfortunately not with a respectable shave)




Graduating photo of my seniors (after '95)




A characteristic shot of Tegucigalpa (Teguz for short)








Shot from my neighborhood (after '95)




Snapshot from the market in Comayaguela--not intestines, just pipe fittings.




More from the market




"Here there's Bimbo!" (It's a brand of bread.)




Copy of a Copan stela & altar, in a Teguz city park




In the town of Santa Lucia








Gateway to the countryside?








Bats in the cave of Taulabe




Fan in a Trujillo hotel




North coast Honduras, tropical paradise

 long as you don't mind the occasional vulture on the beach.




Why don't American cabbies have this much fun with their cars?




Can you identify this plant?




Former pier in Puerto Castillo












The Hieroglyphic Stairway from Copan




This face looks out for Venus at sunrise--but for the Mayans, it was a god of war, not love.








Pancho the spider monkey, at Copan




Sunlight through the jungle in Tikal (Guatemala)




Tikal's Temple II




Looking over the jungle--the three geometric protrusions from the horizon are distant temples.