Photos from Biloxi and New Orleans, 2006
(six months after Katrina)


Welcome to Biloxi.
On the left, a former classroom in a church school; on the right, what used to be a restaurant and is now a roof.



The moon below it will be the only thing illuminating this sign tonight.



the shredded level of the casino barge I helped loot for charity



the ballroom of the Titanic
(actually no, just the 2nd & 3rd floors of the barge; the 1st floor was underwater.)



some kind of pump room on the barge



The red footprints mark where kids should line up for the door; they'll be used again, eventually.



wreck of a pirate ship washed up by the storm
(Well, no, just a high-concept casino barge. Its 1st & 2nd floors were ripped out, though you can't tell from this shot.)






houses on the street in the Ninth Ward
(all photos below are from there, except the last)



the hand-written text on the bottle says "I love you. Happy mothers day."






It takes a big storm to bend metal signs on both sides of a telephone pole. Many poles themselves were broken.






Wreckage is a study in randomness: fire hydrant, roofing, clothes, car wheel, and beads share a lawn.



The French Quarter should've been crowded, but there was barely one person per block.

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