Photos from Green Tortoise southwestern national parks trip, Y2K



My compadres of the Green Tortoise, on the bus



The GT'ers again--those wacky Europeans, I tell ya...



A tree on Dome Rock, Sequoia National Forest



The forest ranger wedding we witnessed at Dome Rock; note the aisle made of cowboy & hiking boots. :)



Beautiful burned-out tree in Sequoia National Forest



Industrial El Paso, where we parked to walk across the border into Mexico



White sands, New Mexico--a desert of powdered gypsum



White sands again, and the UFO-like shades in the parking lots



Ruins of the Hohokam people in New Mexico, similar to the Anasazi



More Hohokam ruins



Footholds in the sandstone of Canyon de Chelley. In some places, these are the only trails into and out of the canyon.



Canyon de Chelley, part of the canyon wall



Texture of the rock in Canyon de Chelley (yes, I really liked it there.)



"White House" ruins in Canyon de Chelley



Hummingbird feeder and its patrons, in Saguaro National Park



Sunrise in Valley of the Gods, a place deserving of the name



A butte in Monument Valley



Early morning in the Grand Canyon



A turtle-shaped tree in the Grand Canyon



Another Grand Canyon tree, at dawn



Fiona (one of the GT'ers) having a sunny rest in Zion



In Zion, this tree and the twelve-foot rock behind it were both split in half along the same line. Beware, lest ye too be smitten down!



Some of the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon--they so densely populate some areas that they look like sandstone cities