Photos from France, 2004




in the Orsay



someone waiting outside the Pompidou



the chimneys of Paris are adorable.






the tower from underneath



night streets of Paris from the tower






Rodin's Fallen Caryatid in the rain



photo of sketching of sculpture



the Louvre's classic & modern hitting each other



this wasn't art on display, just part of the ceiling in the Louvre



did I mention the chimneys are adorable?



devotional candles in Notre Dame



Notre Dame through the trees



weaving buttresses of St. Etienne



in Pere Lachaise cemetary



more of Pere Lachaise






"you think it's grim to visit here, try standing on this tomb every day."



carousel under wraps






in Montpellier, at the end of the roman aqueduct



playing the saw.



in Montpellier's botanical gardens









graffitti in Toulouse



ceiling of the Jacobins church in Toulouse



on the street in Toulouse



Paris has the chimneys, but Toulouse has the windows.