Photos from England, 2004




Those kindly ol' Brits, always watching out for you




London in a nutshell








one of the White Horses of the Cotswalds




Christchurch ceiling vaults, Oxford; so gingerbready you can almost lick it




however, you should not lick the warthog drainpipe.




grave marker in a Christchurch wall




one of the spires of Oxford




ruins of Glastonbury Cathedral












snow at the Bath abbey




three guesses what this is




same place, from the highway.   ...and that's lens flare, not spirits.




Avebury standing stones; apparently 1/3 or more of each is below ground.




road out of Avebury




self-portrait in The Weather Project at the Tate Modern








London nightlife: Eros and adverts




simulation of overdoing London nightlife




hedges at Blenheim Palace