Photos from Egypt


Spire of a mosque in the City of the Dead (Cleaned up in Photoshop)



Mosque by the Khan Al Khalil Bazaar, a much seedier place than the City of the Dead



Menkaure, and one of its three little satellite pyramids



Open excavation by the pyramids. Forget caution tape and insurance companies--you can step right into a 30-meter-deep well if you're not careful!



All three of the big Giza pyramids at once. The people swarming around their bases are too small to even be specks in this shot.



The product of one such excavation--Khufu's 40-meter-long boat, reassembled after almost five thousand years. (!)



Looking out over the great sands



Statue of Ramses II in Memphis. It was actually lying flat--notice the man standing by it for scale. Also notice the statue's happy-go-lucky smirk.



Man in the doorway of a tomb in Saqqarah



Stairway in another tomb of Saqqarah



The pyramids must be cool--even the locals are impressed. (Taken at Saqqarah)



A "false door"; there were scores of these all through the tombs. The question is, can the Ka of the deceased only come through the physical door itself, or can it also come through an image of the door--say, on a computer monitor, for instance? : )



I bet you never knew the power of slugs in ancient Egypt. Well-kept secret.



Soldiers lining the streets for an appearance by President Mubarak. I think the short lengths of rope are the low-budget version of handcuffs.



Pyramid capstone from Cairo's Egyptian Museum, which contains all the best stuff that the British didn't take.



More from the Egyptian Museum



A three-or-four thousand year old woodcarving that's still so beautiful it could almost breathe in and speak to you any second.



Tutankhaman, one of his several burial masks. I know, everyone must take this picture, but you have to. You just can't not do it.



Ancient papyrus scroll of The Judgement, my favorite story from Egyptian mythology (actually, one of my favorites from anybody's mythology)



Modern painting of the same story in a tourist-trap papyrus store; but this shows the full scene.



Nefertiti & Isis, from the same store



Random artwork for sale in the Cairo airport; just happens to be another one of my favorite stories.