Photos from Colorado, 2003-2004



Red branches brought out by winter



Winter berries through a bus stop wall



Grass and crick at Windstar



Looking down Mt. Sopris and its talus-flow



Aspen grove in Maroon Bells



Bridge over the Roaring Fork river



Unidentified grass (I call it 'confetti grass', or 'bubble chamber grass') in Maroon Bells



Mirror lake with the Maroon Bells behind



Maroon Bells in the rear, overshadowed by nameless peak



Wildflowers poking through stone in Lost Man Loop



Another rain-wetted daisy



A swirl of dead wood in Maroon Bells



Dandylion in Maroon Bells



Buckminster Fuller's last and lightest geodesic dome design



Slumping snow



Fortress ridgeline at Maroon Bells



Wild grass poking up through the snow



The John Denver statue, in all its epic bronze glory  : )



Chickadee lounging around



Dead log on Mt. Sopris



Streams of stone turning to water in Lost Man Loop



Grass hiding from snow under rock outcropping



Aspen leaf on rock in Maroon Bells