Photos from Central America, Y2K


Antigua, Guatemala with the volcano I climbed in the background (volcan Pacaya).



In a hotel in Antigua



Maria and Kirsten in an Antigua restaurant. With faster film it would've also been a good shot of the girl on the street. Oh well...



Street artist in Antigua



Girls jumping rope, with what might end up for sale in their moms' weaving






Big foliage. (Palenque)



Palenque. The little colored specks are people on the ruins; the big dark specks are just a few of the _thousands_ of dragonflies that were swarming the top of this temple.



Reconstruction in the Copan museum to show what the temples originally looked like (wow!)



The way most of the temples look now



Carving in Copan's museum: the sun with a rabbit (daytime sun), if I recall.



Tourist-fodder copy of a famous Mayan carving



Another carving from Copan's museum



Graffitti and ruins in Tegucigalpa



People think San Francisco's streets are steep... They haven't seen Teguz.



El Patio, my favorite restaurant in Teguz. In real life it looks less evil and more surreal.