Photos from Argentina, 2008




the best shot I took there; looking down onto the birds in the Garganta Del Diablo (Iguazu Falls)




Tangueros busking in La Boca




beautiful doors & balconies are a dime a dozen in Buenos Aires




Yes, this tree was intentionally cultivated to grow through the bars and out the window.




Carlos Gardel is more popular than Jesus in Buenos Aires; his picture is everywhere
(also shows Fileteado style of graphic design popular throughout town.)




shore of the Rio De La Plata, wide enough here to be visible from space




clear river flowing into the Rio de la Plata




anywhere else these would be monuments, but in Iguazu they're barely appetizers




only 2/3 of Iguazu Falls; the plume of mist in the distance
(visible even from the plane) is from the Garganta del Diablo




Juat a fraction of the Garganta del Diablo








inside the Casa de Botellas, made entirely of reclaimed plastic bottles
(even the plant & the beaded curtain)








sunbeams in the thickly humid air




flooded forest among the fields




Back in Buenos Aires, the megacity (360° pano)




radio towers live on rooftops, guywires web across multiple blocks




not mailboxes--electrical panels




stairwell elevator shadows




La Boca, birthplace of tango, is nothing if not colorful
















remembering the disappeared




the booming riverfront is raising skyscrapers like weeds




dancer in Candome parade (not a typical costume)
(also, admission: cheated & blurred background in Photoshop.)



  more photos (not as good, but still okay)