Tutorial Design
Explaining a breakthrough electric motor
Full 40-minute tutorial downloadable here.

The Meshcon Motor, invented by Chorus Motors PLC,, is an amazing innovation that is also amazingly complicated. This tutorial and interactive simulator were designed for presentations to motor engineers, potential investors, and partner companies.

The animation's target audience is motor engineers, though it should also be understandable to those unschooled in the art.

The design involved:

  • Researching existing motor technology and the new invention's technology
  • Computing accurate geometry, timing, and orientation of motor animation elements
  • Showing the easy-to-understand bottom line as well as the highly-involved technical details
  • Animation in SolidWorks and Flash, as well as programming in Flash ActionScript

    You can download the 30-40 minute demo here, or View it online if you don't mind hideously slow animations.

    Try the interactive simulator too. It's more fun than the demo, though you have to watch the demo to understand it.