recumbent bicycle that's safe for city riding
"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future
of the human race"
-- H. G. Wells

In an effort to have people bicycle instead of drive, this bicycle was designed to be as comfortable, fast, and safe as possible.


  • TIG-welded aluminum optimizes weight.
  • Front and rear air-shock suspension provide control and comfort on bumpy roads & curbs
  • Recumbent rider position provides comfort, ergonomics, and aerodynamic advantage
  • High rider position (approx. 6" higher than any recumbent on the market) provides traffic safety
    by elevating the user's body above car-hood level.
  • Internally-geared 5-speed rear hub reduces maintenance and improves weather-resistance.

    Thanks to Risse Racing and Burley Design Cooperative for their generous donations and discounts on components!