Black Rock Spatial Delivery

About BRSD
We take stuff places. Our Mission, and How We Do It.

Since 1999 we have been doing uniformed bike messenger schtick; taking postcards (and we do custom runs of glossy postcards each year) and other schwag and delivering it all over the playa to people and then encouraging the recipients to send something to someone else through us in an ever-increasing chain of good vibes and silliness. We have delivered rutabagas, we've delivered people, we've even delivered a titanium spork to a person on a moving geodesic dome. We are unstoppable.

People come to our camp to send stuff or messages about the playa. They also have been coming to our camp and getting involved doing Spatial Deliveries of their own, after a quick training. The concept is simple and infinitely scalable. Over the past few years we've had dozens of deputized deliverators doing daring deeds. Interested parties should contact

Camp Description
The front of our camp will have a 4x8' painted plywood kiosk/service window for accepting deliveries. We will also have a welded metal sculpture of "Bikingman", a 10x20 shade structure in the front of our camp for a chill space for our deliverators and other participants, and a mailbox.

The facade of the camp will have a fence of plywood cutout flames with a large (20') opening for bike and foot traffic and to accentuate the coming and going feel of the front of the camp. Behind the facade and service area will be the usual compliment of tents, a large van, greywater evaporation pool, another 10x20 shade structure and the like.

Cleanup Plan
Most of our camp is composed of experienced burners. We know, believe in, and adhere to the leave no trace philosophy and impart that ethos to those around us. We now know what to bring and what not to bring to the playa in terms of costumes, schwag, camping gear, set-up materials, food items (packaging) and personal hygene stuff to minimize MOOP and having too much garbage.

We have used a greywater evaporation pool very effectively in recent years and pack our the greywater that we don't evaporate. We also have a large amubulance that makes a trip to the dump in Portland, Oregon with our camp trash and other area trash each year. It has plenty of room for hauling.

As a camp we have a great track record of leaving no trace and picking up MOOP all through the week while doing Spatial Deliveries. Our campie, Ranger Ziptie, is the Cleanup Czar for our camp this year. He is a radical, but pleasant, adhereant to the leave no trace creed.

We each do 2 hours of playa cleanup outside of our camp on Sunday afternoon of the event before the temple burn. We will also be sweeping our camp and the camps around us with a "magnet on a stick" for metal bits and shavings that my get buried in the dust over the course of the event.

Camp Map

Camp Description for the web site
Our uniformed bike messengers have served our community with playawide delivery services for your missives, parcels, letters, schwag since 1999.

This year we are recruiting the stout of heart and the sturdy of sinew to join our legions of deliverators . . . more riders, more bikes, more deliverators! Interested parties should contact